Speakers 2019

Circ day seminar 14.5.

Organized by JHY, the Waste Management association (Finland).


Annukka Lagerstam

Counsel, Attorney-at-Law
Merkurius Attorneys Ltd

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Annukka Lagerstam is a Counsel and an Attorney-at-Law. Her special fields are environmental-, administrative- and employment law. She heads the firm´s environmental law practice and has worked with environmental law since 2003. She also advises clients in corporate law, contract law and other business law matters and represents clients in dispute resolution. She has a long experience also from public sector where she worked as a Head of the Environmental Protection Unit in Centre for Development, Transport and the Environment of Pirkanmaa and prior that as a Head of Legal Services and as a lawyer. Furthermore, she has been one of the secretaries redrafting the general reform of the Waste Act. Currently she is a member of the Environmental Law expert group and also the Administrative Law expert group of the Finnish Bar Association.




Jaakko Pellinen

Owatec Oy

Topic tbc

Jaakko Pellinen is the founder and CEO of Owatec. He has a chemist background but has also experience on international business development and leading scientific research and development projects. Pellinen is also a founding partner of Sangen Oy where he is in charge of product development. Pellinen is an expert on water and waste treatment and has been an entrepreneur over ten years. His company Owatec Group Oy is growing fast by offering technology and service for the industrial water, waste, and side stream treatments.





Henri Laine

Redono Oy

Topic tbc

Henri Laine is specialized in future farming technologies including water treatment, microalgae cultivation and hydroponic farming. He is the founder and CEO of Redono Oy. He holds a strong passion for developing new technologies for creating a more sustainable food production and new business models for industrial circular applications. Henri Laine is experienced in biotech-, cleantech- and greentech solutions, with over ten years of experience in the field of developing industrial processes as well as project management. He has held positions in Econet Group, St1 Biofuels, Neste Jacobs Abu Dhabi and Borouge developing industrial processes and working as a project manager in several international projects related to water treatment plants, biofuels and petrochemicals.




Lauri Törrö

Flexo Nordic Oy

Topic tbc

Lauri Törrö is M.Sc. in Economy and Business Administration. Working as CEO he is investing in properties and growth companies trough his own company Flexo Nordic Oy and trading house Finnkarelco Oy.  Lauri Törrö has over 20 years of experience in international B2B business. His main project today as Partner and Development Manager is to create an upcycling entity EkoUp by combining Ekovilla Oy, Eko-Expert Oy and Eko Asennuspalvelut Oy all and to develop an international stock listed company. He is a founding partner and active member in the Board of Directors at Craftman Oy,  Sensapex Oy and Owatec Oy – typically being in charge of funding, new business models and partnerships. He is a member of the Board of Directors also at Suomen Keräystuote Oy.




Minna Pirilä

Environmental specialist
Ramboll Finland


Topic tbc

Minna Pirilä works as an environmental specialist in Ramboll Finland. Her expertise belongs to environmental engineering and applied chemistry specializing in circular economy and secondary materials. She has started her career over 10 years ago as a research scientist at Kemira Oyj. She has also worked as a researcher and postgraduate researcher in the Environmental and Chemical Engineering Research Unit at the University of Oulu. Her background includes a wide variety of different responsibilities in the field of project management, research work as well as industrial and international collaboration. In her current position as a consultant she is enthusiastic for being able to utilize all the knowhow gained during ten years research career for the benefit of the clients and for the wellbeing of our society by supporting the sustainable use of natural resources. Minna has accomplished a Doctor of Technology degree in Environmental Engineering after her Master of Science degree in Chemistry.



Tero Fordell

Co-founder and sales director

Topic tbc

Tero Fordell is a passionate entrepreneur who wants to create something new and permanent. He is running the business to offer funding for companies and investment possibilities for private and institutional investors. Fundu is a leading funding platform which co-operates with banks to offer funding for companies.



Katri Päivärinta

Department manager
Pöyry Finland

Topic tbc

Katri Päivärinta, M.Sc. (Tech.),has been working in versatile planning, development and management tasks in environmental sector throughout her career. She has been a CEO in Water Management company and Deputy CEO and Environmental Manager in Waste Management company. In Pöyry she has been working since 2018. Päivärinta is specialized in circular economy and waste management, especially strategic issues. She knows well national and EU legislation  and future trends in waste, water and waste water industries. She has been involved in several national and international working groups in those sectors.




Kimmo Niskanen

Eneferm Oy

Topic tbc

Kimmo Niskanen is the managing director and co-founder of Eneferm Oy. Even a circular economy is a hot topic today, the story of Eneferm has started already a decade ago. The company signed a global licensing agreement with Ireland based company Alchemy Holdings Ltd. This highly innovative product will be launched onto the market in 2019 association with international partners. Eneferm’s product is a revolutionary biogas plant using a next generation dry digestion process. The system is a modular and scalable solution for efficient conversion of organic waste into biogas and high-quality fertilisers. The product can provide substantially more benefits than traditional wet anaerobic digestion and have already demonstrated far reaching engineering processes which have led to reducing the running costs of biogas generating technologies.


Åsa Hedman

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Research manager

Topic tbc

Åsa Hedman works as a research manager at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. She is managing the research related to Smart energy and transport solutions. Her expertise covers district- and building level energy systems, urban planning and sustainability assessment. She has a wide experience on international research projects related to the development of a sustainably built environment. Holistic planning and emphasizing mixed zoning and the availability of daily services and workplaces are the key topics in her research work. She earned her Doctor of science in technology from Aalto University in 2016, her thesis analyzed energy efficient city planning and the role and importance of regulations. Apart from working at VTT in various roles, she has also worked as an entrepreneur running her own consultancy business. Additionally, she has been a renewable energy expert at Motiva and a coordinator of the energy-efficient district project Skaftärr in the city of Porvoo, Finland.