Industry Summit 2019 provides a site visit at Kiertokaari and Rusko

In Industry Summit 2019 it is possible to visit the Kiertokaari area in Oulu on the 15th of May. The strategic focus of Kiertokaari is to promote circular economy through their co-operation with competent partners while providing residents with high-quality municipal waste management services.

Kiertokaari provides citizens and customers with reliable high-quality municipal waste management services while securing the comfort of the surrounding area and the health of the residents. Waste management is carried out as part of the material and energy economy, ensuring efficient use of resources and responding to the challenges of global climate change.

A good example of circular economy is the biogas ecosystem in Kiertokaari. Biogas has been collected from the landfill and used in industrial processes for over 20 years. Kiertokaari produces all the heat and electricity for their operations with biogas. Since September 2017 it has been possible to use biogas as traffic fuel.

Rusko is an ideal location for testing and for circular economy pilot projects. Kiertokaari is currently looking forward to starting up more circular economy co-operation with new partners.

In case you are interested in this visit just register in while signing up for Industry Summit 2019. The venue of this visit is the Rusko area representing sustainable industrial solutions of Oulu. During the site visit Summit participants will be acquainted with companies operating in this area such as Gasum, Lindstöm, SFTec & Rakeistus pilot factory and Laanila Eco power plant (Oulun Energia) as well as Biogas filling station and Kiertokaari, the strategi focus of which is to promote circular economy through their co-operation with competent partners. The visit will be accompanied with Saara Palo-Oja from Oulun Energia. Saara will share information concerning the EUR 22 million investment of Oulun Energia.

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