Networking at Industry Summit is easy and efficient

Looking for customers, solutions, partners or perhaps companies to invest in? One of the IndustrySummit’s main focuses is networking. To make it as easy as possible, we use Brella Networking tool. Brella takes off the randomness from event networking. With Brella, you get to browse event attendees – and can book meetings with them – before the event. Via Brella you can start networking immediately after event registration. You will receive an invitation with a Brella Industry Summit 2019 link from the event organizer.

Download Brella mobile application

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By registering to Brella 

  • You get a list of attendees that might interest you, based on your interests.
  • You can browse attendees and book meetings with them before the event.
  • Meeting takes Place during the event at the networking area inside the event venue. Brella application advices you where to go and when.
  • This way the meetings will be efficient as you will a possibility to prepare for them in advance.
  • When you have booked the meetings before the event, you don’t need to stress about finding right people and searching for new contacts during the event.
  • Meeting proposals can be either accepted or rejected via Brella.
  • There is also a chat possibility in Brella to be utilized before the event.

We wish you the best networking moments!