Inma Martinez

Venture Partner, A.I. and Data Scientist
Deep Science Ventures

Topic AI and impacts on businesses and sustainable industries tbc

Inma Martinez is Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures, the UK’s first venture-builder for science-driven companies and an industry recognised A.I. and Data Scientist for having pioneered mobile personalisation services and other disruptive digital technologies. Fortune and TIME have defined Inma as one of the best European talents in human digital behaviour and FastCompany has labelled her a “firestarter” for her cutting edge work in innovation for the last 20 years. Inma works with big multinationals defining the integration of A.I. and Human Capital in the workplace, predicting customer behaviour to create customer experiences beyond 1:1 marketing, and defining the future of humans in smart cities. Inma is a technology advisor to both the UK and the European Union in matters such as Big Data, A.I. and data regulation.



Sami Heikkilä

Business Banking Region Head

Topic Green bond

Sami Heikkilä is a finance professional with extensive experience from both business development and financing of investments and growth. He has had several positions in Nordea Bank during last 20 years. His current position includes North and Ostrobothnia business banking area and he is also member of the Nordea Finland business banking steering committee. He has experience from business sector as a board member of industrial and service companies. He is an acting chairman of the growth company board in the Oulu Chamber of Commerce.


Laura Juvonen

Executive Director, Growth and Renewal
Technology Industries of Finland

Topic: Circular Economy business models for manufacturing industries

Laura Juvonen is driven by technologies solving global challenges and the future of learning. She has worked in the public-private interface in fields ranging from advanced materials and computational engineering to sustainable growth. At Technology Industries of Finland, she leads activities building growth and renewal, including initiatives in artificial intelligence, circular economy and future capabilities. Laura holds a Doctor of Science degree in Computational Physics.


Ilkka Halava

CEO, CBC, Futurist, Foresight Coach
Prime Frontier Ltd and Future Works Ltd

Speech topic: Roadmap to Next Level Systems

Ilkka Halava is Futurist, Foresight Coach and CEO of Prime Frontier Ltd and Future Works Ltd and Board Member of Helsinki Futures Specialists. He is a professional and luminous speaker, Finland’s most popular keynote speaker in 2018 with over 200 keynote speeches.  With socio-cultural and applied futures research tools he makes decision-making understandable in future evolution. He guides composers of new models, concepts and breakthroughs to find their own goals – and to achieve them. Extreme Business Makeover – No Box Required. Ilkka is a warm-hearted radical addicted to learning. He has true understanding of systems which, put together with his media mastery, allows him to drive development in society as much as in products, business and concepts.



Jukka Pitkäjärvi

Ferrovan Oy

Jukka Pitkäjärvi (M.Sc., MAusIMM) has over 30 years experience for exploration and mining business. He has worked over 20 years at the Outokumpu Group mines and projets in Finland, Australia, Canada and Russia before joining in Talvivaara Plc in 2007. In 2012 he started in a position of a Project Manager and was appointed Managing Director in 2014. Since January 2018 he holds a position of the CEO of Ferrovan Oy.

Janne Peljo

Project director, Climate solutions

Janne Peljo is a project director in the Climate solutions focus area at Sitra. The focus area identifies and analyses climate solutions and measures for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in an economically efficient way. Janne specialises in identifying and interpreting megatrends related to energy and climate from the point of view of the economy and society. In particular, he examines solutions for climate change mitigation and how to use these to not only reduce emissions but also to create sustainable economic growth. He was educated at the Aalto University School of Business and graduated with a MSc (Econ & BusAdmin) degree, majoring in finance. He also holds the CEMS MIM degree focusing on international business and strategy from Aalto University and HEC Paris. Janne believes that in 2030 people will remember parking spaces and coal-fuelled power stations in the same way as they do personal doctor’s appointments or appointments with a customer advisor at the bank: as inefficient wastes of resources, for which there is fortunately very rarely any need now – if any at all.


Marko Yli-Pietilä

Head of Smart Operations
Stora Enso

Marko Yli-Pietilä is an experienced Digital Transformation professional. Prior to joining Stora Enso, he has hold international positions for example in Nokia and Teradata, which are leaders in their respective industries of Telecommunications and Advanced Analytics. He has also worked with renewable materials companies and their digitalization related development programs for years as a Consultant. Marko holds a Licentiate of Technology post-graduate degree and he is also a certified vocational teacher.