Cabinet programme

5.10. Thursday

9.00 – 10.00  Not open for public. Reserved for Industry 2026 executive committee meeting (Teollisuus 2026 johtoryhmän kokous).

10.00 – 11.00 Open for public. Programmes boosting economic growth of companies, 10 min pitch each


Low-carbon Footprint Innovation Center. Virtual Showroom (Elinvoimaa ja kestävyyttä innovaatioyhteistyöllä EKI), Tero Leppänen

Low-carbon Footprint Innovation Center. The Botanical Gardens by the University of Oulu are being developed into a center for showcasing the cutting-edge know-how found in the University and local SME companies.


Clean ICT in Ostrobothnia region (Puhtaiden ratkaisujen vauhdittaminen Pohjois- Pohjanmaalla). Clean-ICT, Janne Anttila

Clean ICT in Ostrobothnia region. A project that aims to bring together the world class ICT expertise found in Oulu with the nascent cleantech sector. The potential for cleantech solutions springing from this combination has global potential.


NOISS, Janne Anttila

The Northern Ostrobothnia Industrial Symbioses System project is an effort to find and create new value chains based on effective use of existing industrial side streams.


AIPRO, Aleksi Alavuotunki

Arctic Innovation and Profitability AIPRO is a cross-borders project with members from Finland, Sweden and Norway. The project aims to create a framework for boosting innovation and product development in SME companies, as well as develop a web of cooperation among participants.


The Blue Bioeconomy Ecosystem (Sinisen Biotalouden Ekosysteemi), Vesa Lind

The Blue Bioeconomy Ecosystem project aims to create a concept for a more sustainable fishery that combines modern fish farming with the principles of circular economy. Topics considered range from bioenergy and side stream utilization to closed circulation.


Motor Laboratory (Moottorilaboratorio), Janne Ilomäki

The new test laboratory of combustion engine, hybrid and all-electric powertrain and testing environment of OUAS (Oulu University of Applied Sciences) and University of Oulu will be the leading research and education center of hybrid and electric powertrain technology in Northern Scandinavia. It will partner with global leaders in automotive and machine industry.

11.00 – 12.00 Open for public. Technological applications in the Arctic area; solutions to real-life industrial and environmental problems provided by the Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu

The most recent practical level solutions to the global challenges are presented in the fields of Steel-, Inorganic materials in circular economy-, Bioeconomy-, Automation-, Environment and cleantech- and Productisation.  Faculty of Technology is keen on establishing discussion and new kind of openings with companies.

13.00 – 15.00 Open for public. Smart Construction Cluster Kick off, Maja Terning, BusinessOulu

15.00 – 16.30 Open for public. Cabinette is open for networking.


6.10. Friday

10.00 – 15.00 Open for public.  Cabinette is open for networking.