Moderators 2019

Eija Hämäläinen

Main stage seminar 14.-15.5

Eija Hämäläinen is an entrepreneur at Bitte, a company helping companies grow and go international. “In the era of digitalization, there’s no rival to meeting people in person for the first time. As a moderator, my most important task is to help visitors, exhibitors and event partners to start a dialogue that will continue after the event and lead to a productive cooperation.”


Joni Pakanen

Main stage seminar 14.5.

Magician, Joni Pakanen Entertainment

Joni Pakanen is a professional entertainer with over 20 years of experience in the field of Magic, Comedy and Theater. Joni is The Magician of the Year winner 2018 and Evento Awards winner in the category Performer of the Year 2018. His unique way of entertaining and engaging the audience on every stage he steps on, is a really magical combination of spontaneous presence and precisely scripted play. Joni has build his career around performing even though magic is the only job he has ever done. As a professional entertainer he runs his own show production company in Helsinki, designs magic for theatres and other artists and tours with his own show’s in Finland and internationally. Joni finds and creates Magic everywhere, every day. In Industry Summit 2019 he will be your magical moderator, so anything is possible.



Johanna Alakerttula

Circ day seminar 14.5.

Johanna Alakerttula is an experienced circular economy specialist and senior advisor with over ten years of experience in the environment and waste management sectors. She has been working for the Government Agency Pirkanmaa ELY Centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the environment) in the producer responsibility team and has been in charge of collection, recycling and recovery solutions for batteries and end-of-life vehicles in Finland. During the last two years she has been coordinating circular economy projects, international relations and boosting circular economy in her position of a regional level development manager.