Rusko site visit – Sustainable industry of Oulu

Oulu Rusko area, Kiertokaari site visit on 15th of May

One of the novelties of Industry Summit 2019 is a site visit on 15th of May at 2pm – 4pm, to Rusko area representing sustainable industrial solutions of Oulu. During the site visit Summit participants will be acquainted with companies operating in this area such as Gasum, Lindström, SFTec & Rakeistus pilot factory and future Waste Sorting Plant (Oulun Energia) as well as Biogas filling station and Kiertokaari, the strategic focus of which is to promote circular economy through their co-operation with competent partners. The visit will be accompanied with Saara Palo-Oja from Oulun Energia. Saara will share information concerning the EUR 22 million investment of Oulun Energia.

Saara Palo-oja, Project manager, Oulun Energia

Saara Palo-oja is Project manager at Oulun Energia’s new Waste Sorting Plant project. This Circular Economy investment is part of Oulun Energia’s new business strategy and one way towards carbon neutral energy production 2050. Saara has been working in Oulun Energia for eight years in different tasks in environmental, energy balance reporting and work safety related issues. She has worked in Laanilan Waste to Energy plant’s construction project and she has been responsible for the environmental issues of Laanila plant since it was built in 2012.

Antero Kiljunen, Design Engineer, Kiertokaari

Antero Kiljunen is as a desing engineer at Kiertokaari Ltd. Antero has been working  in the field of circular economy and waste management for 6 years, focusing on construction and development. Antero has expertiese espesially on collection and utilization of biogas. Antero has a masters degree of technology in environmental engineering.



Sami Toljamo, Business Unit Director, Lindström

Sami Toljamo is a business unit director at Lindström, responsible for North Finland operations geographically from Himanka until Teno river. Lindström business model is built on circular economy. The company has 170 years of history behind and since the 1990s it has concentrated solely on textile rental services. The growth of textile waste amount is a global challenge that must be addressed. Lindström’s goal is to have 90% of the textile waste to be recycled by 2020. By repairing broken sleeves, giving new lives to used linen and recycling water and energy in the company processes, Lindström wants to give more to the planet and use less of its resources. In 2018 plastic waste made the headlines of the world’s biggest newspapers and magazines. Lindström saw the problem and created a returnable shopping bag which helps to address this challenge. The expected lifetime for this bag is at least 4 years. During that time period one consumer is responsible for 416 plastic bags.